Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi kids.......we are home. Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky was just amazing. Huge amounts of stalls with models you have never seen anywhere else. Japanese, German, American, British model manufacturers bringing stuff you only get there. It was at the Crowne Plaza near the airport and the hotel was great.  We arrived on the Thursday late and went straight to a party. Then Friday was the Knob Creek firing range for some high octane weapon fun.

Saturday was 12 hours of model porn of the highest order. Competitions, models, guests and loads of fun. The standard of work on display was totally off the scale.

Sunday was the USAF museum that we drove to in Dayton, Ohio. A massive collection of one-off planes including a B-2 stealth bomber and the UBER rare XB-70, the only one in existence.

Saturday, 7 May 2011



general assembly and test fitting for this baby. Things are going together well as expected from this model company. The big motor, highly detailed (and cool) cockpit and all the interior bits are stuck in. When the rain stops, I can lay down some primer on the components that are too hard to get to when assembled.

Stay tuned Ma.K fans.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Bought 2 of these to do two versions. First up is this one. Going to do it German Grey. Always liked that colour and this model has that many fans with that many colour schemes, I am just trying to find something a bit different.

It will be very well weathered and some aftermarket details are out there for this and I will add them too.
It's 1/20th scale and is made by the Japanese Model Corporation "Hasegawa" About 60 quid to buy in most model shops.

Opening box art pics. Staring the kit tomorrow.