Saturday, 2 April 2011


Checked the log book yesterday and found that the M.O.T was due on the 30th April for the B-KING.
Put the new tax disc on and had a blast to the local bloke to see if he could fit it in. Result ! an hour later, all done and passed. Only the second bike I've owned in 25 years that's required one. Always get shut before they are due, but I love this, so it's a keeper. For the people still awake, it's a Hayabusa without any fairing. They don't sell well because they are so pig ugly and it puts folks off. Not me, I love 'em.

A couple of pics.

Putting the new disc on, then it outside the shop with the pass certificate !!! Cool.

Got nearly thirteen months now until the next one. Supposed to be nice tomorrow, so I'll get another one out for a run and hopefully some pics.

See 'ya !

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